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Andrew and Mark each had two loves in their lives – each other and their fandoms. With one side representing Star Trek and the other, Harry Potter, their wedding was a true melding of the most beautiful melting pot (or cauldron!). Between the entire wedding party crying while Andrew and Mark read the most beautiful, […]

Sword Fighting Engagement Shoot Chicago IL

I’m the kind of person that always tries to match your vibe and keep things fun and laid back, but I didn’t have to match Tara or Nils’ vibes at all – they already matched perfectly! From our very first zoom call, we just got along like old friends and that was only cemented even […]

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Nicole for a long while now. We went to school together and she knows my younger brother, plus we’ve been social media friends all along! So when I saw that she’d gotten the big question popped, I was literally SO. EXCITED. for her! I knew she’d been waiting for […]

photography by amanda lynn cole 2022

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